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For Leaders | Conquer Crisis

Since Covid-19 emerged,
crisis has become our new normal.

Unbreakable will teach you how to navigate current and future crises, ensuring that you are ready for every contingency. No matter what crisis you face next, you'll be unbreakable.

Corporate + Personal


Cultivate Joy

Success without joy tells you something must change. What, exactly, depends on your circumstances.

Elevated will help you discover joy at home and the office, immediately and with minimal friction. When you become elevated, how you feel inside will match or even exceed your material achievements.

Personal Only


Understand Yourself & Life

Life is a mystery and we ourselves form a critical part of that mystery.

Seeker will challenge your understanding of life. You will make use of practical experience and a broad theoretical synthesis to uncover who you are and see life more clearly. This shift in perspective will be your greatest and most rewarding challenge yet.

Personal Only


Pass In Peace

To pass in peace is a blessing. But most of us will surrender too little attention to adequately prepare ourselves.

Wiser will guide you to come to terms with your life and life itself. In doing so, you'll not only enrich your remaining years but also the lives of those whom succeed you. And when your time approaches, you'll feel ready to pass in peace.



Combining timeless wisdom with modern context, discover the cutting-edge frameworks that work for today’s rapidly shifting world.


Whether you’re a personal or corporate client, you’ll find the right program for you or your team.


Training is more than knowledge—it’s the delivery of impact. Impact demands mastery, but also compassion and understanding. 

The Times Are A-Changin'

Hi, I’m James Melouney. It’s important that you’ve stopped by.

Global conditions are challenging us all. We are experiencing heightened levels of stress, burnout, fatigue and dissatisfaction.

Due to the personal and commercial ramifications of these matters, society is revaluing the inner experience. Individuals, families, business and community leaders are seeking guidance.

Now is the time to face these headwinds. Doing so will prove vital for your family to thrive and your organisation to come out ahead when the dust settles.

I look forward to supporting you.

James Melouney

Hear It From . . .

"James has a great mind and I love talking to people with great minds. But James is a little different because he understands the power of silence. The value of a silent mind is something I didn’t fully understand before. And the intelligence that results from that is very enjoyable to experience. I love working with James and I'll probably be doing it for the rest of my life."
Jake R. (US)
"I've been doing mindfulness meditation for quite a while now. Your way of teaching transformed my experience. Grateful to make this journey with you."
Annie P. (UK)
"I am so glad you reached me all those years ago, for which I am eternally grateful. You've changed how I look at life. Thank you."
Sean B. (UK)
"While I am writing these last paragraphs, tears are falling down. Thank you for everything you've done."
Valentina C. (EU)

Mindfulness & Meditation