You Can Achieve Your Dreams

by | Jul 4, 2017

Running faster on a hamster wheel won’t get you off of it.

Stop too suddenly and you’ll hurt yourself.

This is the dilemma many people face in life: They find themselves locked into something that’s not what they’re truly seeking. They want change, but just can’t see how it’s possible. They’re in too deep.

The solution?

Start slowing down… gently.

While you’re slowing down, search within and figure out what you truly want to do — what energizes you? what fulfills you? what lights you up?

Perhaps this is the first time in your life you’ve ever thought about these questions in depth…

(Hint: Think on paper.)

Your dream life begins with clarity on what you love doing and who you love being. The next step is figuring out how to monetize that. Finally, you start doing what you love.. You deliver it to the world.

Being financially rewarded for doing what you love… Can you imagine?

I don’t care what excuse you tell me… it IS possible for you.

How do I know this?

Because people have done it with no more than pennies to their name…

People have done it with major physical ailments…

People have done it with all the odds stacked against them…

Of course, the life you truly desire won’t be tossed into your lap. That doesn’t mean creating it can’t be easy.

All it means is that you will need to CHANGE.

Change the way you think.

Change the way you act.

Change the way you feel.

Change your habits and routines and perspective and reactions.

Most people prefer to hear advice that they LIKE over advice that can truly TRANSFORM them.

Let’s not beat around the bush: Transformation means your current identity must die. You must become somebody different.

Despite how that sounds, transformation is actually quite pleasant when you begin to see the results. The thing is, few people are willing to go through the process and experience that themselves…

And it’s no coincidence that few people live truly exceptional lives.

Are you brave enough to be real with yourself?Then ask yourself: Am I really doing everything I could to achieve what I say I want?

  • What books are you reading?
  • What podcasts are you listening to?
  • Which mentors are you following?
  • What changes have you made to your morning routine?
  • What changes have you made to your evening routine?
  • What bad habits are you replacing?
  • What good habits are you instilling?

The life you dream of CAN be yours.

No matter what circumstances you are facing, don’t ever give up hope.

Because you are not alone and you can do this.

Until next time.

Your friend,
James Melouney