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James Melouney

Hi and Thanks For Being Here

Hi There and Welcome to my Blog! This is where I share helpful content about creating a life you love! For me, that means doing work I love, having freedom to travel and live like I want to, seeing beauty in people and places, and earning the income that I feel is at...

Why Change Your Life? (Why I Changed Mine)

Is the way you're living life today going to take you where you want to go? Is what you’re doing now going to get you “there”? And what are the implications if things don’t work out? When I started my transition out of the corporate world it...

Power Through Vulnerability: Take Your Mask Off

We find our power when we reveal ourselves as we truly are. We reveal ourselves as we truly are when we allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable. Power and vulnerability go hand-in-hand. Sharing my vulnerabilities with those closest to me – intimate partners,...