Why I Was Wrong for Feeling Miserable About Being a “Cog” In the Big Corporate Machine

by | Jul 21, 2020

You’re sitting on a literal gold mine. You have income. You can safely build a business. It’s the easiest path to your true dreams & purpose in life.

It almost feels like you’re a prisoner: A cog in a machine. Forced to work 5 days a week and even on the weekend.

And what impact do you truly have?
Can you really move the needle for your company?
Are you truly making a positive difference in the world?
It seems like all your work is almost for nothing…

You are a rare breed.

Kind, light-hearted, and generous. You want to give back to others. You want to make a difference.
And the role you have right now, while it supports you and your family, is slowly eating away at your soul.

As hard as it might be to hear this, keeping your job is the easiest path to fulfill your dreams.


  • Your job will keep you safe (and sane) while you build your business.
  • You can use your income to support your family, invest in your business, and keep your peace of mind.
  • Your job hedges your future wealth while you figure out if you can REALLY handle being an entrepreneur.

So, are you ready for your 2 Year Strategy?