Hi and Thanks For Being Here

by | Aug 22, 2019

Hi and welcome to my blog!

This is where I share helpful content about creating a life you love!

For me, that means doing work I love, having freedom to travel and live like I want to, seeing beauty in people and places, and earning the income that I feel is at my peak potential.

If you don’t know me yet, my name is James Melouney and I’ve lived most of my life in Sydney, Australia.

(The pic below is me with the love of my life, Selene!)

I talk about business, philosophy, entrepreneurship, marketing, spirituality, meditation, yoga, communication, and other subjects I find interesting.

I share books, products, and programs I’ve personally used and found valuable in my life.

If you know someone who would also enjoy these types of posts, feel free to point them in this direction! 🙂

If you ever want to contact me, leave me a comment below or email me directly. My best email is james@jamesmelouney.com

With All My Love,