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Liberation & Enlightenment

Complex, Then Simple.

Did you know that liberation does not mean we become all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present? That is God’s business, not ours.

Liberation means that we free ourselves from illusion. And, to be enlightened is to see the world as it is. But this seeing does not come from knowledge. It comes from practical experiences. Liberation also means to be free from karma. When we liberate ourselves, we no longer generate karma.

How Can We Free Ourselves from Karma? By becoming life’s instrument. Any karma from our actions, therefore, is attributed to life rather than to our individual spirit.

How can we become life’s instrument? There is only one path: To be guided moment-by-moment by the Holy Spirit. If you’re familiar with the Hindu tradition, the Holy Spirit is Paramatma: the Supersoul (soul of God) that resides inside every being.

How can we be guided by the Holy Spirit? We must (1) connect to the Holy Spirit within us, and (2) align our body so that the Holy Spirit can work through us. Happily, we live in an era that is well-suited to this process. Connecting to the Holy Spirit is simpler than it might sound.

Why is this era well-suited to connecting to the Holy Spirit?
The world’s population will soon be declining. Therefore, more souls than usual are needed to return home and stop reincarnating. Knowledge of the Holy Spirit Meditation is now available to service this need.

Here's What I Recommend:

Step 1: Request the Holy Spirit Meditation Guide

Step 2: Practice the Holy Spirit Meditation

Step 3: Would you like to work with me personally? If yes, contact me.

The journey to liberation is unlike anything we could ever imagine. Both beautiful and shocking, it will profoundly change your life.

I wish you well and please know that I am here for you if you have any questions at all.

Yours sincerely,
James Melouney