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Why We Return

Everyone is endlessly returning to Earth, experiencing good lives and bad, with all the struggles and successes that come with each incarnation.

Advanced souls usually invest countless years of spiritual practice without truly knowing whether it will lead them to what they seek most: to stop reincarnating and return home.

One might make great spiritual progress in one life, only to forget it all and begin again after death. While the karma from our previous life would advantage us in our next incarnation, these seeds take decades to harvest.

So, why do we return? We return because we do not have proper guidance. And proper guidance can only come from the Holy Spirit or Paramatma.

Proper Guidance

There is only one way to stop reincarnating and return home. Fortunately, today’s era lends itself to this practice. This is a fruitful time for the advanced soul who seeks to return home.

The only way to stop reincarnating is for the Holy Spirit or Paramatma to begin guiding your life. For the Holy Spirit to guide you day by day, moment by moment. This not only ensures that you stop reincarnating, but that you do so as quickly as possible given your karma. The specific timeline to stop reincarnating varies, but advanced souls usually can do so within this lifetime.

Thus, it is critically important that you learn the Holy Spirit meditation, which allows the Holy Spirit to begin guiding you. You can request this meditation for free above.

Best wishes,
James Melouney