Paramatma Home:
Awakening to Stop Reincarnating and Return Home

Would you like James to help guide you home?

If yes, Here Are Some Details You Might Like to Know.

James offers a program with three components.

1. An Online Program
2. Live Group Training
3. An In-Person Retreat (Bali, India, Colombia)

All of James’ teaching materials have one purpose:
You connecting to the Holy Spirit within you, so that the Holy Spirit can guide you to stop reincarnating and return home.

Are you interested in such a program?
If you are, here are the steps and the financial investment.

Steps to Commence the Program

1. Request a time to speak with James
2. Discuss your journey with James.
3. You and James both agree whether it is correct for you to work together.
4. You select the program components that you desire (Online Program, Live Group Training, In-Person Retreat).
5. You pay in full or with a payment plan of three installments.

Pricing for the Program

1. Online Program Only – $1,000
2. Online Program & Live Group Training – $3,500 annually
3. Online Program, Live Group Training & In-Person Retreat – $7,500

Pay in full or with a payment plan of three installments.

About the Live Group Training

○ James holds between 2 and 8 sessions each month.

○ The exact details of each session vary depending on what is most appropriate for the moment and the group. 

○ Sessions might include Q&A, one-to-one guidance while other group members observe, meditation theory and practice, spiritual theory and practice, reading from and discussing the scriptures of the Holy Bible, Bhagavad-Gita, Tao Te Ching, and Noble Qur’an, discussing new age philosophy such as The Surrender Experiment and The Power of Now, energetic transfer and guidance, and whatsoever else is necessary and appropriate to guide the group to connect to the Holy Spirit within.

About the In-Person Retreat

○ It is a rarity these days to be guided by someone who has moment-by-moment awareness of the Holy Spirit. In this way, the Holy Spirit can work through James to support each individual member of the in-person retreat in an unforgettable and profoundly impactful manner.

○ James holds at most two retreats per year, in locations including Bali, India, and Colombia.

○ The retreat ranges from 5 to 8 days, depending upon various circumstances. 

○ Flights are not included. 

○ Accommodation is not included (approximately $100-150 per night.)

To receive guidance from James or to learn more, request a time to speak with James using the button below.

Thank you for coming. 

Living in this place, oh, there are many, many distractions. Many figures to follow. Books to read. Words to understand. And we find ourselves lost. Lost in a sea of knowledge. Knowledge that appears to be keeping us afloat. But in reality, is dragging us down.

[We believe] there are three, or four, or five, or one hundred things we need to learn, to have a life we hope for. What happens when we learn those one hundred things? We find our life is not what we wished. And so, we continue the search. More knowledge, more experiences, more understanding.

Unless, if we’re lucky, we find clarity in our obsession to find wisdom. And with that clarity, we understand that more is not better. We begin to simplify the world around us. Our possessions. What we desire. We let go of some knowledge, and we find ourselves floating more freely.

We come to this world properly equipped to survive. In the process of being raised in a Godless society, we discover [and are then gripped by] fear, worry, lack. And we find ourselves not aware that we have everything we need to live our life. Because we were never taught how to simply be aware of God. And to walk the path that God has in mind to get us through our world in a beautiful way.

For [life] to work, we must return to simplicity in practice and in wisdom. The wisdom is: Only the Lord knows the way. The practice is: Guidance from the Holy Spirit, Paramatma, the Supersoul that lives inside every being. We connect to the Holy Spirit inside us. And we each find our place in the world. We stop aiming at the fruits that we hope will come to us. And we allow God to give us what we need.

But this is not sitting around and praying. When we connect to the Holy Spirit, Paramatma, the Holy Spirit guides us moment by moment and day by day. We go shopping. We do washing, cleaning, chores. We take care of our appearance as much as is necessary. And we do work for each other. Rather than deciding what to eat, or what to say, or what to work on, you receive guidance in every matter. And we find our place. 

There’s a role for each of us. There’s a path for each of us. And when we find that path, we live the life that is the highest calling in this lifetime. Perfectly living. Perfectly existing. Uniquely expressing. We become an expression of God. But it takes practice to connect to the Holy Spirit, Paramatma. That is what we will work on together. And in so doing, you find the guidance you need to be perfectly human.

We switch the scales that are unbalanced between mind and God, to become more balanced. And ultimately, to be completely aware of God, second by second. Completely in awe of the guidance you receive. Pure in the sense of discovering the perfect place for you in the world. Balanced in the foundation you have. There’s a path for you. When you’re ready, let’s see if we [can] see that path unfolding before your very eyes.

Blessings. Be well, guided, free to return home. We pray in the name of the Holy Spirit, the Father, Krsna, simplicity of the Tao, excitement of existence, joy, wonder, love, peace, Allah, Brahman. Be well. Be you. Bye.