Some lingering ideas about existence

Each of us has a body, mind, and spirit. When we understand these components, we master our life.

We begin life unaware. Then, we try to improve our life by improving our mind. After that, letting our body guide us is paramount. Finally, we surrender to life itself.

Professional growth is important, but more so than ever before, we must know who we are.

Life is loop between confusion and clarity. Wisdom teaches us to embrace both.

Let go of expectations, what others might think, the fear of turning up late, or being seen as different. Let go of everything except walking your path.

Life is waiting to furnish us with everything we need. If only we would let it.

When we attune our body to its nature, we attract what benefits us. Therefore, attuning our body is the foundation of a successful existence.

On our path, our body knows best.