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Welcoming the Unexpected

I owe a great deal of thanks to many kind souls. My parents, university professors, mentors at Deloitte, Port Jackson Partners and Fairfax Media, family, friends and strangers.

I enjoyed squash in school, captaining the Knox Squash Team to well-earned victories. Snow and surf were some of my other passions. My twin brother Peter and I ventured to Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for our gap year. We were line cooks at the Lodge of the Ten Peaks.

After returning home, with a lot of work and some good luck I graduated with a University Medal and Honours in Mathematics & Finance. Thereafter, I secured a role at Port Jackson Partners, a top-tier strategy consultancy. When I moved on as a commercial strategy analyst for Fairfax Media, I continued to find my colleagues inspiring and the work stimulating.

Something, however, was calling me. And when I wrote The Art of Success in 2016, clarity arrived. I decided to devote more time to the arena of personal evolution and to share what useful knowledge I found. I temporarily stepped away from the corporate world and began an intense seven-year journey.

2012 marked the year that I began exploring mindfulness & meditation. I did so in quarterly spurts, on and off for years. That was until 2016, when my focus deepened due to greater time availability.

In 2018, my friend Blake and I attended the Dhamma Bhūmi Vipassana Meditation Centre in the Blue Mountains for a silent 10-day retreat. Later that year, I flew to Bogotá, Colombia, for an 11-day meditation experience. I repeated the Colombian trip again in 2019, this time leading an international group from Europe and the US with my partner Selene.

Despite our preconceptions about mindfulness & meditation, we can only know these powerful tools by experiencing them. Language is found wanting.

Meditation leads to influential satori experiences—moments that create an irreversible step-change in our perspective. And mindfulness can subtly blend meditation into our day, triggering a cascade of positive benefits for our personal and professional lives.

With over a decade exploring mindfulness & meditation, roughly 10,000 hours of theory and practice, the subtle calling I felt all those years ago became clearer. Global conditions were demanding these tools.

I began putting together two programs. Unbreakable to help individuals and teams better navigate crisis. Elevated to cultivate joy at home and the office, for a world that can at times feel so heavy. 

Supporting ex-colleagues and mentors, family, friends, and strangers in these arenas is a privilege. If you’ve been part of my journey, thank you. And I hope we have the chance to work together soon.

Yours sincerely,
James Melouney



Combining timeless wisdom with modern context, discover the cutting-edge frameworks that work for today’s rapidly shifting world.


Whether you’re a personal or corporate client, you’ll find the right program for you or your team.


Training is more than knowledge—it’s the delivery of impact. Impact demands mastery, but also compassion and understanding. 

Hear It From . . .

"James has a great mind and I love talking to people with great minds. But James is a little different because he understands the power of silence. The value of a silent mind is something I didn’t fully understand before. And the intelligence that results from that is very enjoyable to experience. I love working with James and I'll probably be doing it for the rest of my life."
Jake R. (US)
"I've been doing mindfulness meditation for quite a while now. Your way of teaching transformed my experience. Grateful to make this journey with you."
Annie P. (UK)
"I am so glad you reached me all those years ago, for which I am eternally grateful. You've changed how I look at life. Thank you."
Sean B. (UK)
"While I am writing these last paragraphs, tears are falling down. Thank you for everything you've done."
Valentina C. (EU)

Mindfulness & Meditation