Books and Programs

The Art of Success

Master Your Mindset

In The Art of Success, I invite you to see the world differently—by walking in the shoes of 134 extraordinarily successfuly people. These billionaires and business gurus; sports stars and rock stars; philosophers, emperors, inventors, and saints have lived exceptional lives. So what, exactly, do they know that you don’t?

Simple Living

Love Your Life

In Simple Living, I invite you again to see the world differently. Beginning with the very way in which you see your surroundings, then the way that you see yourself, friends, family, and even strangers. Deeply special words threach into your soul, sharply yet gently anchoring you to a different reality. Even if your current life remains the same, you will still find great benefit in how you feel. What time do you have to waste! Mentally prepare, for this journey suits only the ready.

Scary Big Purpose

Find Your Purpose—Fast

Deep down, do you feel that you are here for something important. Something BIG? If you do, then Scary Big Purpose is for you. You’ll learn how to find, live and love your purpose. So that you can offer your unique expression to the world and feel completely fulfilled.

Step Up

Experience Freedom

Do you crave freedom, greater income, flexibililty and fulfillment? You’re not alone. But you weren’t educated on how to achieve it. Nobody was. How many people do you know who are truly satisfied with their job? But it is possible today, after billiions of people began using the Internet.

The Quantum Field

Live Awake

Explore the Quantum field—what the ancient sages called the Tao—and learn how to live in alignment with life itself. Release tension and stress. Find inner peace, happiness and truth.