Your 2 Year Strategy

by | Jul 21, 2020

You’re sitting on a literal gold mine. You have income.
You can safely build a business.
It’s the easiest path to your true dreams & purpose in life.

So, are you ready for your 2 Year Strategy? Here it is!

STEP 1: Emotionally accept that you will stay in your role for now, for the sake of your dreams!
(Accept short term pain for long term gain.)

DAY 1-30: Learn the foundations of starting a modern, scalable, smart business today.
(Get the knowledge.)

DAY 31-60: Start building your business.
(Start taking action!)

DAY 61-90: Make your first sale.
(Bring in small figures to complement your current income!)

DAY 91-120: Achieve $10k/month in revenue.
(Start replacing your income.)

MONTH 7-12: Achieve $50k/month in revenue.
(Earn more from your business than you do from your job.)

MONTH 13-24: Quit your job and scale to $100k/month & more.
(You’re free!)

STEP 1 – that’s on you and your mindset.
Can you accept short term pain for a long term gain?

Step 2 – As soon as you’re ready, you can commence ALL the other steps with the FREE training below.
And if you’re serious, get it now.